Nimit Kalra @qw3rtman on GitHub

I'm an undergraduate CS student in the Turing Scholars Honors Program at UT Austin.

In my opinion, the open-source software community is extremely valuable to the entire world. I enjoy collaborating with and learning from members of the community by maintaining gg, n, and git-extras.

Previously, I was CodeDay Dallas Regional Manager and HackDFW Organizer.


My code is on GitHub. Sometimes I use Twitter. Here's my LinkedIn.

You can email me at or My PGP public key fingerprint is 3E53 1B1D FED6 4336 13D1 B17E D606 74F5 9E0C E030.

Feel free to contact me about my code, projects, papers, collaborating, interesting ideas, etc.


  1. Logan Crone, Lior Fishman, Nimit Kalra, Rohit Kopparthy, William Liu. "Composition of Real Flows and Efficient BGP Route Flap Damping." (paper) (slides)